10 BBQ Trends For Summer 2018

Barbecues are a summer tradition that everyone remembers from their childhood. Hamburgers, hotdogs, maybe even some pulled pork. Why not celebrate the end of Summer 2018 with bang!


Here are 10 trends you need to try before the end of this summer!

1 .At Home Smokers

Before, if you wanted some great smoked meat, you would have to find a restaurant or sauce at the grocery store that really capsuled the unique flavor of smoked meat. Now, you can find it in your own backyard.

Now, of course, the intensity of the smoky flavor will vary depending on how long you cook your meat and what kind of wood you use, but now, with so many affordable smokers on the market, you can play around with flavors, rubs, cuts, and more. Or, you can stop by BoFinger and we can do it for you!

 2.Hasselback Potatoes

Although these are not new, they are quickly becoming a fan favorite this summer! Hasselback Potatoes are a Swedish dish that is crispy, cheesy, roasted potatoes that are grilled with wood chips to add a smokey flavor. It’s sure to be a show stopper!

Try making these mouthwatering potatoes at your next shin’dig with one of these recipes I found! There are a couple of ways you can make them, here are some examples.

Option 1: https://www.justataste.com/easy-cheesy-hasselback-potatoes-recipe/

Option 2: https://keviniscooking.com/make-hasselback-potato/

Option 3: https://aseasyasapplepie.com/baked-hasselback-potatoes/

 3.Thinner Cut

For as long as I can remember, a thick cut steak was the only way to BBQ. But now, some people argue that thinner is better.

A thick cut is definitely juicy and very meaty, but a thinner cut steak has its benefits too. It is easier to marinate and cooks much faster. Also, its a great way to maintain a balance between the flavor of your spices and marinade and the flavor of the meat.

When BBQing a thinner cut of steak, you get a better char on the outside because of the short cooking time and thin cut. This gives you another dimension of aromas you can’t get with a thick cut steak.

Another reason why thinner cut steak is #trending this summer is for its budget-friendly price! You can now host your family bbq with no stress as it will cost you way less money to cater to everyone!

 4.Fusion BBQ

Fusion food is another trend that is not new to the world. Tex Mex, Sushi Pizza, Vietnamese Sandwiches, and more have been around for a while. What’s new this summer is the introduction of fusion food to the BBQ world. It may have surfaced a while ago, however, 2018 is an even bigger year for it.

Brisket Ramen, Brisket tacos, BBQ Chicken Biryani, the possibilities are endless! Fusion BBQ is great for pleasing any taste bud, for being creative in your backyard cookout, and for dietary requirements.

You can bring some flavor fusion to your next BBQ with these great recipes!

Brisket Ramen: https://www.rachaelraymag.com/recipe/brisket-ramen

Brisket Tacos: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alexandra-guarnaschelli/brisket-tacos-with-red-cabbage-recipe-1973767

BBQ Chicken Biryani: http://www.khanapakana.com/recipe/fdd54b6b-b60a-4eca-bd8c-6fee3bda8a1f/bbq-chicken-biryani

 5.Grilled Pizza

Who says pizza has to be made in the oven or come in a delivery box? You can make amazing chargrilled pizza from scratch. You could even cook a frozen pizza on the barbeque if you are not blessed with cooking skills but want to impress your guests (don’t quote me on that one)!

Grilling your pizza adds another level of flavor, especially if you use smoke pellets to add an easy smokey flavor!

Try making a classic barbeque chicken pizza or put a twist on the authentic margarita pizza!

Here is a great guide I found to help you build and cook your own pizza on the barbecue.

 6.Pork and Fish Over Beef

Many people are now opting for pork and fish instead of beef. It’s a new twist on the classic BBQ that can have better benefits than some pieces of beef.

Pork steak in specific is getting more popular in summer ‘18 because the meat is tender and juicier than the typical pork chop and its cheaper than some beef. Pork steak is great for marinades and for smoking, which is why you have to try it before the end of Summer 2018!

Fish is great for backyard BBQing because it’s an easy protein to cook and pairs really well with so much. You can take a simple angle and throw some salmon, fresh, herbs, olive oil, and cloves of garlic in some tinfoil, or take it to another level with a marinade or thick coating made with greek yogurt.

 7.Gluten Free BBQ

It seems like bread is taking a backseat in some barbecues because so many people are eliminating gluten or carbs from their diet because of an intolerance, the keto diet, or a low carb diet.

A fan favorite this summer is the use of lettuce instead of buns, It’s a healthy and refreshing take on the classic burger. You can also take your bbq to the next level and do a burger ‘a la mode’ without the bread.


 8.Meatless BBQ

Gone are the days that vegetarians and vegans had to bring their own food or hunt for the meatless options. There are so many meat alternatives and tasty grilled vegetable recipes that it’s impossible not to try them!

A prized meatless BBQ option is jackfruit because it has a meaty texture similar to pulled pork. I recommend everyone try this at least once as it is a creative way to make your backyard bbq healthy and environmentally friendly, plus those sweet and smoky flavors are amazing!

 9.Organic Cuts

Eating organic food has already become a trend before the summer of 2018, especially in fruits and vegetables, it was bound to find itself in the bbq world as well.

Picking organic meat is beneficial because you avoid the chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics found in non-organic livestock.

 10.Crazy Gadgets

Cooking in your kitchen is a piece of cake with all of the smart gadgets available on the market. Now barbecuing can be just as simple because smart technology has leaked into the bbq world.

You can now find indoor smokeless bbq grills, robotic cleaners for your outdoor bbq, a digital thermometer that connects to your phone, the possibilities are endless!


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