Why Adults Love Mac n Cheese

Mac and Cheese is one of those dishes that is a delicacy in any matter. Sunday dinner? Serve a baked mac n cheese as a side. Midnight cravings? Cook up a quick box of KD. Need a cozy fix for a rainy day? Make your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe and eat it in bed, no guilt necessary!

Mac and Cheese isn’t just for children, though it is in almost everyone’s childhood memories, it is just as much for all of us adults out there looking for some creamy carbs.

But what is it about mac n cheese that is so lovable? Here is what I have come up with as the 8 reasons why adults love mac n cheese.

 1.It Comforts You

A rainy day is not complete without a movie, comfy clothing, and a warm bowl of mac and cheese. There’s just something about the gooey yet creamy sauce and salty cheese  flavor. You take a bite and you instantly feel like you just got a warm hug.

 2. Dairy is Addicting

Though mac and cheese is hard not to think about, dairy, in general, is hard to ignore. Ice cream, cheese, cream, and milkshakes are all things that are on my top favorite foods!

But, did you know there is a thing called ‘dairy addiction”? Technically it is not scientifically true, however mentally it is fairly hard to cut dairy without any cravings if you love it as much as I do.

 3. Carbs Are Life

I don’t know many people who don’t get excited when a restaurant has complimentary bread at their tables. Carbs are just another thing that makes people happy, I mean how can you be sad when you have pasta, pizza, or bread, right?

The beautiful marriage of pasta to cheese is one of the truest and most beloved out there, I know I am very supportive of it.

 4. Mac and Cheese is Good on Everything (Almost)

I can’t tell if its magical or repulsive how mac and cheese is thrown on everything these days! You can find burgers, pizza, grilled cheese, fried mac and cheese balls, stuffed in bread, you can even find it in a cone (like every other food now).

I guess you will have to be the judge of it, let us know in the comments below if you love mac and cheese as a topping, stuffing, and garnish! Or do you prefer the classic dish?

 5. Every Day is A Good Day With Mac And Cheese

A bowl of mac and cheese is the cure to any bad mood or situation. Did You get fired from your job of five years? No problem tear open a box of cheesy macaroni. Went through your first breakup, who needs them when you have mac and cheese waiting in the oven? Lost a bet and now your 100$ short? They are the loser in this game because you are making a bomb macaroni and cheese!

You see, mac and cheese makes everything better!

 6. Mac And Cheese Hits The Spot

Mac and Cheese has a special place in our heart, and in our tummy! Nothing can replace it, it’s a staple in anyone’s diet.

It puts a smile on your face, it makes a bad work day better, it’s easy and quick, it’s the epiphany of adult food!

And that’s why adults love Mac and Cheese.


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